Fairy Tales

A Regency spin on much-beloved fairy tales…

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About the Fairy Tales Series

I’ve written books set in the Georgian period (my Desperate Duchesses) and in the Regency period (all the rest!), but these are my first novels taking place in fairytale time, albeit with a dusting of the Regency.

I’ve loved fairytales since I was a child; I adored Andrew Lang’s Blue Fairy Book, Yellow Fairy Book, and the rest. But it wasn’t until I was reading those stories aloud to my daughter that I was struck by a few questions: What on earth was Cinderella’s prince thinking when he set up the infamous ball? How did Beauty feel about getting that particular nickname? And what would the princess in The Princess & the Pea think of her future mother-in-law, once she learned of the tests?

These novels differ from my previous series in that no character moves from one fairy tale to another, though there are links in the novellas. Storming the Castle, features a character from A Kiss at Midnight, and Winning the Wallflower introduces the heroine from The Duke is Mine. The tie that binds them is the thrill that comes from hearing the words Once Upon A Time. They can be read in any order.

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