Three Weeks with Lady X is a bestseller, and other news, including events, big prizes, and more

April 9, 2014

» A big thank you from Eloisa to all you wonderful readers for making Three Weeks with Lady X a bestseller! Thorn and India hit the New York Times bestseller list at #11 and the USA Today at #37. Thank you! Haven’t read it? Indulge in an excerpt right now… Already read it? Find out more in The Inside Take.
» Eloisa announces the title of her next book featuring a character from Lady X. Get the details, and choose your favorite pre-order link.
» Meet Eloisa in St. Louis! Get details about this Saturday’s author event and others (Milwaukee at the end of the month, Oklahoma a week later, and more in May), all on Eloisa’s Events Calendar.
» Read Eloisa’s column — but wait! It’s Julia Quinn guesting this month, and she reviews Eloisa! Don’t miss it!
» Visit Eloisa’s Facebook page for your chance to win the biggest prize she’s ever given away: a treasure chest filled with jewelry, including a genuine pearl necklace and diamond bracelet! You can gather the X Marks the Spot clues from Eloisa’s various social media sites – or if you’ve read Lady X, just answer the clues yourself!