Duchess in Love

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About the Duchess in Love Series

With this series, I continued to write about one of my favorite motifs: friendships among women: a thread in the Pleasures books, it is the backbone of the Duchess series. Another development in this series is my use of the continuing story of one character.

Duchess in Love is the story of Gina, a duchess who hasn't seen her husband since he ducked out the window the day of their wedding, leaving their marriage unconsummated (and it's been years!). But that novel also introduces one of my favorite bad girls, Esme. Esme's story continues through the following three books, tying together all four books, though each stands on its own.

Probably my favorite here is Your Wicked Ways, simply because I think that in that book (the fourth), I finally figured out how to depict a testosterone-poisoned man - and let's face it, they all are!

A final note on connections: one of the testosterone-drenched males depicted in Your Wicked Ways, the Earl of Mayne, actually wanders out of this novel and becomes a major player in the Essex Sisters books that follow.

In the novella, "A Fool Again", the hero is Tobias Darby, one of Simon Darby's missing twin brothers from Fool For Love.

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