Will you give (insert your favorite secondary character here) his/her own story, please?

How I wish I could give every character a happy ending! But alas, there just isn’t enough time. And truthfully, by the time a novel publishes, I’m already deep into a new story with different characters, and it’s hard to think my way back to a world that I’ve left behind. That said, if you look on the book pages of the novel you’re thinking about, the Inside Take will tell you whether I wrote a novella for any of the minor characters. I have a tendency to do that when I can—“Seduced by a Pirate” is connected to The Ugly Duchess; “Storming the Castle” is connected to A Kiss at Midnight; and I’m in the process of writing a story that sprung from My American Duchess right now. Come by Facebook and tell me who you’d like to read more about, and who knows? I may do it!

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