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Warning! In describing relations between characters, I may wreck a book for you by making it clear who someone marries, or the outcome of a book. Please do not read about The Inside Take if you're wary of knowing who is paired with whom!

  • If you’d like to see more of Carola, read the novella “A Fool Again.”  Since this book takes place after Duchess in Love, Carola and Tuppy are happily married. Tuppy doesn’t appear, because he’s off fishing, but Carola is happily knitting tiny booties!
  • The Duchess quartet should be read in this order: Duchess in LoveFool for Love A Wild PursuitYour Wicked Ways.
  • In Duchess in Love, Gina’s husband Cam returns from Greece and travels to a house party with his cousin, Stephen Fairfax-Lacy. Stephen is the hero of A Wild Pursuit, the third book in the series.
  • By the end of Duchess in Love, Esme is carrying a child. If that child is male, her deceased husband’s nephew will not inherit his estate and title. In Fool for Love, that heir, Simon Darby, travels to Esme’s estate, bringing his two small sisters with him. Simon’s story makes up Fool for Love.
  • Enjoy the extra chapter of A Sampling of Letters exchanged between 1803 and 1814 ~ From Ambrogina (future Duchess of Girton), to Camden William Serrard (future Duke of Girton).
  • I wrote most of Duchess having no idea what was inside the Aphrodite statue. It’s a good way to give oneself an ulcer as a writer. But, as Stephen King writes in the incomparable On Writing: “Why worry about the ending anyway? Why be such a control freak?” By the time I got to the finish it was absolutely clear that what was inside the Aphrodite would be the thing that Gina most needed, and I finally knew what that was.
  • The last chapter of Duchess in Love is a direct result of going to see The Mexican with my sister. I translated a plane into a carriage and voila!

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