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It’s Never Too Early for Christmas!

September 14, 2021

The reviews are shining! Publishers Weekly calls Mistletoe Christmas “[A] delightfully festive quartet of Regency romances, all brimming with holiday spice and mistletoe mischief” and Booklist chimes in with “elegant and sexy.”

Get ready for this Christmas confection with an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT in which Lady Cressida and her father disagree about her future amidst planning for the Revelry. A house party so large that mothers lose track of their charges leads to a delightful, seductive quartet of stories that you will savor for the Season!

Mistletoe Christmas is due out on Sept. 28, pre-order your copy in print, ebook, and audio. And if you prefer print, you can get your copy signed!

Lizzie & Dante Ebook Sale!

August 10, 2021

Update: The sale has ended but be sure and sign up for Eloisa’s Newsflash so you don’t miss a thing!

Lizzie & Dante, (written by Mary Bly, Eloisa’s other self) is on digital sale for $5.99, NOW through Aug. 12.

Book Reporter says the book is “…an insightful and hope-filled love story…the best book of summer 2021.”

If you haven’t already, meet Lizzie in this excerpt, check out the book extras, then get your ebook to keep reading before the sale ends!

And if you have already read the book, please share this news with your friends. Thank you!

New in Ebook: The Ladies Most Collection

June 29, 2021

Three bestselling authors. Two delightful novels. One terrific collection!

The Ladies Most…, an ebook collection of The Lady Most Likely and The Lady Most Willing, each a novel in three parts written with Julia Quinn and Connie Brockway, is NOW AVAILABLE for downloading.

A note from Eloisa: We wrote this novel on a visit to New Orleans, sitting around madly plotting and writing during the day, then eating fabulous food at night. I think these novels are even more fun to read than an average romance—because you have all the delight of our three voices, both separately and woven together. ~Eloisa

Check out the excerpts then get your copy today.

And if you seen the buzz about Lizzie & Dante, Booklist gave the book a starred review:

“Bly writes with a Prosecco-fizzy wit that is simply irresistible, but what will equally resonate with readers is her richly nuanced characters and their embrace of life in all its glorious messiness. ”

Check out the book extras for Lizzie & Dante, and also the excerpt; then order your copy in print, digital or audio book. Enjoy!

Lizzie & Dante is Here!

June 1, 2021

The insightful, audacious, and deeply romantic story of a woman whose life turns upside down after she meets an enigmatic chef on vacation in Italy.

Lizzie & Dante (written by Mary Bly, Eloisa’s other self), lands in readers’ hands TODAY in hardback, ebook, and audiobook!

Why not start your summer early by reading or listening to an excerpt? Meet Lizzie on the beach as she meets first Lulu, then Dante, then order your copy in your favorite format so you can keep reading. If you want an autographed hardback copy, get your order in so it can ship right after release.

Is it Tuesday Yet?

May 29, 2021

Lizzie & Dante releases on Tuesday — in just four more days! Here are four fun things to do while we all wait for our sun-drenched books:

1. Watch the Lizzie & Dante teaser trailers. There are three trailers. Check them out on YouTube: one, two, three!

2. Double-check that you have pre-ordered Lizzie & Dante. Double-check that you registered your pre-order so you can get access to exclusive content. Yay!

3. Explore Elba ~ Gorgeous!

4. And this is sweet: Eloisa/Mary’s wedding photo — she wore gold! See it on Instagram or Facebook.

Get excited for Tuesday!

AN EXCLUSIVE EXTRA WITH YOUR PRE-ORDER: If you preorder Lizzie & Dante, in whatever format you wish (and register that pre-order), Eloisa will send you a video from Elba — and talk to you LIVE from there. Get your pre-order autographed! The deadline for registering your purchase (any format) is JUNE 1. FIND OUT MORE.