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Exclusive Content Offer for Four Nights with the Duke

January 15, 2015

Do you wish there was more, more, more of Thorn and India, from Three Weeks with Lady X? Back when Eloisa was writing Vander and Mia’s story, Four Nights with the Duke, she included a chapter between Thorn and India that was so steamy and funny that her editor asked her to cut it because it totally stole the show.

Now you can read that 10-page chapter! All you have to do is pre-order Four Nights, fill out an online form for Eloisa’s publisher, and you will receive a special link around April 9!

Another bit of pre-order excitement: Four Nights just got a Starred Review from Kirkus, whose reviewer celebrated “Historical romance at its smart, poignant best,” amazed that Eloisa is “somehow getting even stronger.”

SALE alert! Paris in Love, the memoir of the year Eloisa and her family ran away to Paris, is on sale for only $1.99 on Kindle, Nook and iBook. If you’re enjoying Eloisa’s London updates, you’ll adore this sweet look at a year in France. Eloisa has several excerpts posted, both for you to read and to listen to: audio excerpts read by Eloisa! Savourer!

Sneak Peek of Four Nights with the Duke

January 11, 2015

Four Nights with the DukePreview Alert! Now both the Prologue AND Chapter One of Four Nights with the Duke are available for you to read! The heroine of Four Nights is particularly dear to Eloisa’s heart, and certainly one of her most interesting heroines. Be sure to preorder so that you have a treat waiting for you on March 31st.

Cheap trip to Paris? Eloisa’s memoir, Paris in Love is on sale for only $1.99 for Kindle users. The iBook version is also only $1.99.

Eloisa is thrilled to share with you that in a couple of weeks she’ll be announcing a huge surprise for readers deeply devoted to Thorn and India. Have you missed reading Three Weeks with Lady X? Catch up now because you’ll want to take advantage of the best-ever extra content coming your way in no time at all!

First Peek into Four Nights with the Duke

December 17, 2014

» A holiday treat! Four Nights with the DukeEloisa just posted the complete prologue of Four Nights with the Duke for you to enjoy. The last line is a cliff-hanger, so be sure to check back next month and see whether Mia can keep her promise! In the meantime, check one more thing off your holiday lists and pre-order Four Nights with the Duke as a gift for yourself.

» One more fun read for this holiday season: a nice, long interview with Eloisa in InD’Tale magazine‘s Dec/Jan issue.

Eloisa is Thrilled: Lady X is a Double RT Nominee

November 13, 2014

» Four Nights with the DukeThree Weeks with Lady X has been nominated for Best British Isles-Set Historical Romance and The Editors’ Choice Best Book of the Year from RT BookReviews. Have you read it yet? If so, have you discovered The Inside Take, Eloisa’s list of interesting tidbits about the story. Haven’t read it? Start here with this online excerpt, or order your own copy.

» If you’ve already finished Three Weeks with Lady X, you can find out a bit more about the next book in the series, Four Nights with the Duke, which will begin shipping on MARCH 31, 2015. You can already pre-order your copy.

Don’t Miss an Update!

October 31, 2014

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