Not That Duke excerpt, now on

July 14, 2023

Not That Duke will be in bookstores in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! And now, for the first time, the book’s Prologue has been posted and you won’t want to stop reading, because:

A lady who tolerates fools will make a dreadful wife.

#truthbomb if ever there was one.

When will Chapter 1 follow? It has to be soon, because July 25th is THE DAY Not That Duke begins downloading and shipping. Have you preordered?

Publishers Weekly is excited for Not That Duke, saying “Lovers of historical romance will delight in these well-rounded, flawed characters learning to live their best lives.” Library Journal calls this third installment in Eloisa’s Would-Be Wallfowers series: “a compelling and delightful read.”

Eloisa is delighted with both “delight” and “delightful” and further delights in sharing this recent tiktok with you from her research trip to London: