Is it Tuesday Yet?

May 29, 2021

Lizzie & Dante releases on Tuesday — in just four more days! Here are four fun things to do while we all wait for our sun-drenched books:

1. Watch the Lizzie & Dante teaser trailers. There are three trailers. Check them out on YouTube: one, two, three!

2. Double-check that you have pre-ordered Lizzie & Dante. Double-check that you registered your pre-order so you can get access to exclusive content. Yay!

3. Explore Elba ~ Gorgeous!

4. And this is sweet: Eloisa/Mary’s wedding photo — she wore gold! See it on Instagram or Facebook.

Get excited for Tuesday!

AN EXCLUSIVE EXTRA WITH YOUR PRE-ORDER: If you preorder Lizzie & Dante, in whatever format you wish (and register that pre-order), Eloisa will send you a video from Elba — and talk to you LIVE from there. Get your pre-order autographed! The deadline for registering your purchase (any format) is JUNE 1. FIND OUT MORE.