Four Nights with the Duke Now Available!

March 31, 2015

It’s finally here! For so many, Mia and Vander’s story has already downloaded to eReaders or arrived in mailboxes. If you don’t have yours in hand yet, you can get through the wait with the prologue and first three chapters. If you have already read it, jump to The Inside Take for Eloisa’s author notes. If you still need to order it, we’ve collected just about every ordering link under the sun for you in one place.

There is much celebration about the new book on Eloisa’s social networks, in particular Facebook and Twitter. Come join the fun!

And of course there is more to come! Eloisa has posted teasers about not one, but two novels due in the next year (or thereabouts). And for your pre-ordering Essex Sisters pleasure, we’ve gathered some popular links to the upcoming Essex Sisters Companion Guide.