At last! My Last Duchess has a cover — and it’s beautiful! Also, Eloisa talks about wallflowers and why we love them

July 2, 2020

THE NEXT BOOK! It’s official, My Last Duchess, Eloisa’s next love story — due in reader hands October 27, 2020 — has a cover and it’s so beautiful Eloisa is over the moon about it! Have you read the excerpt? It’s delicious!

FAQ: My Last Duchess is coming out October 2020, but is it possible I may have read it already?

And (because we promised), if you pre-order it and you tell TeamEloisa about your order, you will receive the next installment of Lady Be Wilde in early November.

FAQ: What is Lady Be Wilde?

Who Loves Wallflowers? We do! The heroine of Eloisa’s latest romance, Viola of Say Yes to the Duke, is a shy wallflower. Watch Eloisa and Lisa Kleypas talk about “the draw of the wallflower trope, what makes it so relatable, and the inspiration behind their latest novels.” Enjoy!