New to Eloisa?

Welcome to! Here are a few fun questions to make sure that you find just the right Eloisa James book for you. Did you love Bridgerton? How about The Queen’s Gambit? Fashion? How about Paris? Or perhaps Fairy Tales are just your thing? All of these offer a delicious escape! What do you like to read? Look below for suggestions…

Do you love Bridgerton?

Look no further than Eloisa’s Wilde series — about an eccentric, gorgeous family who live in a castle on the edge of a bog, but do venture to London for balls and debuts!

Do you love Cinderella?

You’re in luck! Eloisa not only wrote her own version, A Kiss at Midnight, but she loves the trope. You’ll also enjoy Desperate Duchesses, the Original Six series and the novella, Winning the Wallflower.

Do You Love Paris?

That’s a trick question — who doesn’t love Paris? You’ll love reading Paris in Love, about the year when Eloisa’s family sold their house and car, packed up the kids, rented an apartment over the internet and moved to Paris!

Do you love historical fashion?

Eloisa loves fashion, whether Georgian or Regency. In particular, the heroine of Eloisa’s Born to be Wilde is a fashionista!

Did you love The Queen’s Gambit?

Eloisa’s Desperate Duchesses, the Original Six series opens with a duchess, who is a master chess player. Fascinating (if somewhat wicked) games ensue!

Do you love medical shows—House, M.D, for example?

When Beauty Tamed the Beast is a reader favorite — fans love Eloisa’s homage to Dr. House!

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