Will future installments of Lady Be Wilde become available?

The final, completed Lady Be Wilde novella will be sent to those who ordered How to Be a Wallflower and registered their purchase before the deadline of April 10, 2022.

As she did with My Last Duchess, Eloisa will share Lady Be Wilde with her editor. Last time, her editor asked for another 100 pages…so there is a chance there will be lots more of Maddie and Gil to come!

The first installments were delivered following the release of Say Yes to the Duke, a delicious retelling of a wallflower-doesn’t-even-want-the-hero-at-first love story, and My Last Duchess, the prequel novella about Hugo and Ophelia.

The third installment was bundled with the first two installments for those who preordered Wilde Child and then told TeamEloisa about it during her preorder promotion, that ended in April 2021.

The final, complete novella will be sent those who ordered How to Be a Wallflower, and registered their purchase before April 10, 2022.

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