When will future installments of Lady Be Wilde become available?

YES! You can get more Lady Be Wilde! The first installment was delivered following the release of Say Yes to the Duke, a delicious retelling of a wallflower-doesn’t-even-want-the-hero-at-first love story.

The second installment will be bundled with the first installment (so no worries if you missed it), and all you need to do is pre-order My Last Duchess and then tell TeamEloisa about it.

How do you tell TeamEloisa about your preorder? Easy. It’s a simple form. We need a few bits of info, including a screenshot of your purchase. Simply upload that and you will be qualified to receive a bonus read: Lady Be Wilde — but still, it won’t be the whole thing. Eloisa is writing and delivering this delicious story in installments, and YES, there will be more after this second installment.

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