What is Lady Be Wilde?

Lady Be Wilde was Eloisa’s bonus gift to readers who pre-ordered her book How to Be a Wallflower, which was released in March 2022. It is not finished: as she did with My Last Duchess, Eloisa will share Lady Be Wilde with her editor. Last time, her editor asked for another 100 pages…so there is a chance there will be lots more of Maddie and Gil to come!

Here is a peek:

Scarcely two months after Lady Madeline Penshallow’s flagrantly unfaithful husband, Lord Penshallow, talked Maddie into accepting his bastard child as his heir, he died in the bed of (a different) mistress!

Her cousin Ophelia, now the Duchess of Lindow, whisks her away to Lindow Castle so she can escape the relentless gossip of high society. Maddie means to spend her time loving her baby and planning for a future that will include no men…but a sarcastic, bitter cousin of the Duke of Lindow is trying hard to convince her that sometimes it’s better to be wilde than safe.

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