My Last Duchess is coming out October 2020, but is it possible I may have read it already?

My Last Duchess was originally Wilde Denial, which was serialized over many years to dedicated Eloisa readers, but the end was never distributed. There is a lot that no one except Eloisa herself (and her editor, of course) have ever seen. So, while you may have read the beginning, and you may have even read 100 pages of it, you haven’t read it all. (Note: TeamEloisa wants to read it and is working very hard to get a copy through Happily Ever After. But even we haven’t seen it!)

So, if you became attached to Hugo and Ophelia during the years of Wilde Denial serialization, you can finally get to their never-before-published HEA with My Last Duchess.

Another FAQ: I’ve already read a lot of My Last Duchess, will I have to pay full price?

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