Do I need to be signed into Google to use the Google form for the order offer?

Because there is a file upload and the form is a Google form, you will need to be logged in to Google to upload your proof of order.

If you don’t have an account already, the good news is it’s free here ! Just click on the blue sign in button on the right top corner, then “create account” and from the drop-down “for myself.”

Still having trouble? Really don’t want to create a google account?
1) Fill out this form with the date of order, store, and order number
2) Email your proof of order to Please do not email questions to this email address as the email inbox will not be looked at until we get much, much closer to release date.
3) Make sure the emails on both items match.
Please note that we will need to manually crosscheck, so you may have a delay in bonus delivery.

Thank you for your order!

Please do not email your order confirmation to Eloisa or the web team. They will not be able to assist you.

Thank you,
Team Eloisa

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