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Dirty Jobs, Georgian Style

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For the release of When the Duke Returns, Eloisa asked her readers “What’s the Worst Job Imaginable in Georgian England?” Here are her most favorite responses:

Shelly M. from MN:

The Queen. A bad husband, no privacy, no respect, no freedom.

Wendy K. from NC:

I think the worst job would be a “Resurrection Men” or body snatcher. I mean really can you imagine that job!

Angela from CA:

The worst job in Georgian England would be that of a surgeon. Imagine, lopping off limbs and such; touching people with bare, unwashed hands slippery with blood, guts and innards; using rusty tools; dosing patients with mysterious quack medicines(most likely made of turpentine and other horrible liquids); fighting the stench of gangrene and unwashed bodies? Horrifying.

Camilla from TN:

Umm, it would have to be ratcatcher…….I realize someone had to do it, but ugh!!!!!! Going by modern avoidances, perhaps I should have said laundress (it seeems hard now with machine,imagine then!!!!!

Chris S. from FL:

A wet nurse for twins who always want to eat at the same time.

Colleen C. from AZ:

Hmmm, as a woman, being a serving wench…too many hands grabbing! or the maid who cleans out the chamber pots under the bed!

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