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Readers Rhyme Mother Goose Style

Eloisa loves creative contests, so for the release of Duchess By Night, she asked her readers to write their own Mother Goose style rhyme. If you’re wondering about the Mother Goose part, read the book!

Cindy from CA:

Sly little duchess comes into Town,
Upstairs, downstairs, in a blue velvet gown,
Spying in the gardens,
Peering through the thorns,
Are all the rakes tucked in beds,
It’s very nearly morn!

Alea from CT:

That Old Mother Goose’s
Costume got loose is
Reason to let down one’s hair.

Trading skirts for britches
A duchess gains riches:
One gloriously Strange affair

Susan from KY:

Oh duchess, oh duchess,
will you be mine?
You shall not be lonely,
nor dress as a swine.
But sit on a throne
with me at your feet.
Dressed like a queen,
your heart complete.

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