Mea Culpa

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Mea Culpa, Kiss Me, Annabel

  • Oops, I forgot to give poor Ewan a birthdate! Lovely reader Jacquie did the math and decided he must have been born in 1784.
  • Stephanie notes that on page 209 Griselda stares down at Mayne with “all the arrogance of an elder sister.” Of course – as is made clear many times elsewhere – Griselda is younger than Mayne. Not that it would make her any less arrogant, Eloisa adds (who happens to be privileged with three younger, arrogant siblings).
  • Joanne pointed out that in the Historical Note, I admit to having made Tess churn butter; that should have been Annabel, of course (are you starting to see that I have a problem with names?).
  • Lili was the first to notice that on on page 279, 4th paragraph, second sentence, “Anna” should have been Annabel.
  • And Michelle was the first to tell me that on page 371, line 14, Ewan says he loves “Gregory and Annabel and Nana.”  Of course, it should have been “Gregory and Rosy and Nana”!

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