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Inside Potent Pleasures

Warning! In describing relations between characters, I may wreck a book for you by making it clear who someone marries, or the outcome of a book. Please do not read about The Inside Take if you're wary of knowing who is paired with whom!

  • The Pleasures Trilogy should be read in this order: Potent PleasuresMidnight PleasuresEnchanting Pleasures.
  • This trilogy began as a duet: the tales of two girlfriends, Charlotte (Potent Pleasures) and Sophie (Midnight Pleasures). I started writing Potent Pleasures when I was on sabbatical from my job (being a Shakespeare professor). I worked on my academic book during the day and then wrote Potent Pleasures in the late afternoons, just before picking up my young son at daycare.
  • One of Charlotte’s many suitors in Potent Pleasures is the Honorable Peter Dewland. In Chapter Ten, Charlotte is one of a party that sets off fireworks to amuse Peter’s bed-ridden brother, Quill. Quill then became the hero of the third book in the Pleasures series, Enchanting Pleasures.

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