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Mea Culpa, Fool For Love

  • Debbie pointed out that page 336, third paragraph, fourth sentence reads: “He knew her body as intimately as he did her own.” Of course he knew HIS own body intimately, not hers (at least, not yet).
  • Writing books is like any other job: there are those moments when you wonder, “How could  I have done that?  How could I have been so absent-minded / foolish / careless? When I wrote Fool for Love, I gave Darby two little sisters, Anabel and Josie, and Henrietta one sister, Imogen. Then a few years later, I started a series about four sisters. I must have changed their names a hundred times. For a while, the youngest sister was Petronella. Eventually I named the eldest sister Tess, and then I found three names for Tess’s sisters that just sounded…right. Yep! Annabel, Josie and Imogen sprang back into life. There is no connection between my earlier characters and these; please forgive me if I confused you. A reader named Carol was kind enough to point this out to me.
  • Savannah (and several other readers) pointed out that I have two characters called Millicent in the space of one novel—possible, but not probable. One Millicent is Henrietta’s stepmother, and the other is the girls’ new nanny, Nurse Millie.
  • The epilogue of Fool for Love… ah, how I wished I hadn’t written that little round-up of my characters. Because it messed up everything when this trilogy suddenly became four books, and I needed more time. There’s a little time problem between the epilogue of Duchess in Love and the timing of Esme’s baby… if you didn’t notice it, hurrah!

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