Mea Culpa

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Mea Culpa, Desperate Duchesses

  • Frances pointed out that the Prince of Wales would be addressed as Your Royal Highness. Your Majesty is reserved for kings and queens. Now don’t forget that – as my mother used to say, when I wouldn’t eat broccoli, you never know when you’ll be invited to Buckingham Palace. Manners are important!
  • Mpgis3 discovered that on page 44, Damon talks to Roberta about entering a “den of inequity.” That should be a sinful place, full of iniquity – but there’s something to be said for inequities being sinful as well! (Eloisa floundering madly to excuse herself)
  • Leelah noted that on page 125, Damon gets very self-involved. “Seduction is out of the question, then,” he says, and Roberta feels him “turn toward him.” He should turn toward her – but then you never know about men! But Damon isn’t the only self-involved character. Jenn pointed out that on page 378, Roberta says “You haven’t met him before; Roberta told me so!” In fact, Jemma told her so.
  • It appears that Roberta’s mother was a woman of many names: Kim pointed out that on page 31 Roberta mentions that her mother’s name is Cressida. But then on page 197, Roberta’s father asks himself, “What would Margaret say?” I like Cressida better than Margaret and will amend in the next printing.
  • There’s a host of silly little typos in this book. On page 29, “escusez-nous…” should be excusez-nous. On page 62, admirerers, should be admirers. On page 267, “immanent scandal” should be “imminent” scandal—definitely the best kind. These three were contributed by Sherry, Eyor16 and Piper.

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