Mea Culpa

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Mea Culpa, An Affair Before Christmas

  • Deb noticed that there’s an “a” missing on page 110 when the Duke of Beaumont looks at Villiers’s manservant (for “a” moment) and on a similar note, on page 348 Fletcher needs to take his wife’s face in his hands, not just in “his,” which implies some sort of weird gymnastic feat.
  • Kasey pointed out that on page 275, “Charlotte couldn’t grinning.”  Well, she’s supposed to be happy – very happy! She’s teasing Dautry, which is one of her favorite activities. In fact, she couldn’t stop grinning.
  • I really would do better writing about a man and a woman on a desert island.  As it is, I just keep mixing up my heroines! Kit noticed that on page 192, a scientist who definitely should be beaming at Poppy (an expert on sea otters), finds himself beaming at Jemma instead (who doesn’t give a hoot). Lilyfleur found a spot on page 134 where Jemma pictures the stout and invincible Lady Langhorne and it should be Poppy doing the imagining. And finally, Debbie noted that on page 288 Jemma suddenly appears and tells Fletch that Poppy’s mother has been striking her. I’m not saying that Lady Flora wouldn’t relish taking a swing at Jemma, but it should be Poppy’s complaint. Guess what? I’ve hired my own copyeditor to help me with these name problems, starting with When the Duke Returns!
  • Martha noticed two typos: on page 197, sloths becomes slothes, and the proper accent on Saint Germain des Prés migrates to dés Pres on page 384. Similarly, Rayna found that on page 2 Ponte Neuf voluptuously leaps the Seine: in fact, Pont Neuf should be the voluptuous leaper.
  • And Piper discovered that on page 229, an innkeeper is supposedly questioning, when he should be stating: It’s possible, he says, at the bottom of the page.

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