Mea Culpa

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Mea Culpa, A Duke of Her Own

  • A reader named Khiah wrote me a very sweet note with regard to my mention of Sir Roland being knighted at Buckingham Palace. First problem: at this point it was known as Buckingham House; it didn’t become Buckingham Palace until Queen Victoria moved in. Second problem: the official residence was still St. James’s Palace, and knighting ceremonies would have taken place there, not at Buckingham House, which was the residence of Queen Charlotte.
  • There’s an awful error in my supposedly “historical” note: I gave Salomé to Byron, not to Oscar Wilde. You might well ask how this happened, since I had Wilde’s play right in front of me when I wrote the novel… I don’t know. At some point I mentally transferred the play from one bad boy author to another of a younger generation. The only good news is that Byron would (I think) have cheerfully welcomed the play to his canon.

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