Book 1 in the Seduction Series series

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Miss Beatrice Valentine is having a horrible first Season, shamed for her curves by a group of young ladies led by Lady Regina Haywood, daughter of a duke.

Despite Regina’s attempts to make Bea a wallflower, Bea finds herself torn between the rakish, quick-tempered Lord Peregrine (engaged to Lady Regina) and the gentleman war-hero, the Duke of Lennox (Lady Regina’s brother).

Bea is determined to marry a kindly man, and certainly no one attached to Regina. But both of these gentlemen are determined to seduce her

…and one will succeed.

*The Seduction is currently only available in the United States. Unfortunately Eloisa has no control over this, but at some point she plans on expanding the novella and her publisher will release it in all formats and locations.

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Bea is available in the following formats:

The Seduction Season One Bea

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Bea is Book 1 in the Seduction Series series.

The full series reading order is as follows:

Book 1: Bea
Book 2: Ella
The Seduction Season One Bea The Seduction Season Two Ella