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A Note from Eloisa~ These are tough times for booksellers. If there’s anything I can do to help you sell books, please let me know. I can send you signed bookplates or let my local readers know if you’re having a special romance sale. Don’t hesitate to email me!

We have bookmarks!
If you’d like some, just shoot an email to Eloisa’s assistant, Kim, at , and she’ll send you as many as you’d like.


Would you like to subscribe to an electronic newsletter just for booksellers? Eloisa will send out a newsletter only when it's time to order a book and then a week or so before a book arrives in your store. She'll tell you a few insider tips about the book and some fun facts that devoted romance readers will appreciate. Signing up is easy.

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Eloisa doesn't create a promo piece for every book, but if you'd like to tell her how many pieces you could use in your store, she'll send you that many whenever she creates a piece. Be sure to fill out the entire form in order for your request to be complete.



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Three Weeks with Lady X